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The above image or something similar might come to your mind when you think about office digitisation. "I don't have enough technological expertise" is a common explanation given by many advocates to not pursue office digitisation. That brings me to the question: "Do you require technological expertise to digitise your office? If so, how much?".

This post aims to answer these primordial questions.

Some of you might find the questions in this post slightly silly. But, please bear with me for 2 minutes. Also note that this post is not only for an advocate, but also for the clerk to assess whether she/he is capable to participate in the journey.


Answer for yourself the following questions:

  • Have you ever used a computer?

  • Can you operate common software like Microsoft Word?

  • Can you operate apps on your phone, like Whatsapp, Ola, Swiggy, etc?

If your answer to the above questions is 'yes', then, in my opinion, you have enough technological skill to digitise your office. It might sound like a fallacious over-simplification of the problem. Trust me, it is not.

However, the pursuit may not be equally easy to everyone. You might then ask "how difficult will the process be for me?"


Again ask yourself:

  • How difficult was it for you to learn basic computer operation?

  • How much time did you take to learn your initial software, say Microsoft Paint or Microsoft Word?

  • How much time do you now take to learn a new app/software? (As in, if you get a recommendation that there is a good app, how much time do you take to feel comfortable with it?)

  • After learning the basics of any software/app, is it easy for you to learn a new function in a software when you face some difficulty?

Your approximate answer to the above questions might reveal a pattern. You will realise that while you might have taken more time to learn basic computer operation or your initial software, you have now become adept at understanding any new software's user interface.

The advancement in technology, especially smart-phones, have inherently made us skilful in learning new software.

Therefore, you or your clerk will not take much time to understand new software required for office digitisation (like Adobe Acrobat DC or DropBox).

Just experiment with all the tabs/buttons in the software for a day or two. You will reasonably figure out its operation. If you still feel it is difficult, Google's and Youtube's help is always at your disposal. There are countless videos, in multiple languages, on all common software's usage, from basic to advanced.


It is a myth to believe that considerable technological expertise is required for office digitisation. In fact, all consumer software are designed to be used by general public with no technological background.

The journey towards office digitisation is not about technological expertise, but about interest and persistence to implement new methods and processes in place of traditional systems.

Read Office 1.0 and Office 2.0 to continue your office digitisation journey.


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