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This post is only intended for those who did not read about CPBH in 'Office 1.0' page. If you have already read Office 1.0 page, you can ignore this post.


I once instructed my clerk to scan a voluminous case record so that i can work on my iPad instead of carrying the bulky file. However, when I started reading the file on iPad, I realised several practical difficulties in working directly on iPad. Many of you might have gone through similar situations.

This experience made me explore the functional differences between a physical file and a raw scan of the same file. Unless these differences are eliminated, it is impractical to read case files on any tablet.

I searched for solutions and understood that performing 3 tasks/methods after scanning will enhance the working experience on a PDF file to that of physical file. The 3 methods are

In course of time, I added one more step before the above 3 methods, which I call ‘Cleaning the PDF’. This step makes the performance of above 3 methods easy and reduces the chance of human error in daily implementation.

Once the above 4 processes are performed, your digital PDF file is as good as a physical file in terms of its functionality. For ease of reference, the 4 post-scanning processes mentioned above are referred to as “CPBH” in this blog.

Please note that depending on the type of file and time constraints, you can also perform CPBH in various combinations. Read the post on various kinds of documents/files and the options available in implementing CPBH.

CPBH should become peremptory after scanning in your office. Take time to stress the importance of CPBH to your staff. There might be teething problems, but if implemented habitually, CPBH will become an integral part of your office routine, like any other clerical process.

I suggest you mandate the person responsible for scanning to immediately perform CPBH and not to consider the scanning process as complete without CPBH. Read the post on training your clerk to perform CPBH and other digital processes.


Once CBPH is fully implemented in your office, you will notice a considerable change in your aversion towards working on digital files. Once the aversion is reduced, you will instinctively prefer to work on digital files, as you only require a tablet to work on any file, wherever you are.


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